Welcome, Agent!

You've intercepted a secret message encoded using a shift cipher related to the digits of pi. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decode this message and unveil the truth hidden within.

Part 1: Decipher the Message

Implement an algorithm that decipher a message using the pi key. The key consist on the first 16 numbers of the constant Pi. Each letter of the message is shifted by the digit of the key placed in the same position. Blank spaces and non-letter characters are not shifted, but still part of the message. After the first 16 positions in the message, the shift restarts with the first digit of the key.

Enconded Message:
Wii kxtszof ova fsegyrpm d lnsrjkujvq roj! Kdaxii svw vnwhj pvugho buynkx tn vwh-gsvw ruzqia. Mrq'x kxtmjw bx fhlhlujw cjoq! Hmg tyhfa gx dwd fdqu bsm osynbn oulfrex, kahs con vjpmd qtjv bx whwxssp cti hmulkudui f Jgusd Yp Gdz!
Part 2: Find the Secret Numerical Code

Once you've deciphered the message, your next task is to find a hidden secret numerical code. Within the message, between the words (even between separated words by blank spaces, commas or dots), a series of numbers (from one to ten) written in text are concealed. The challenge requires you to calculate the multiplication of all the numbers contained in the message.


In the text We need to waterprooF OUR boots to meet the virtuoSI Xylophonists are hidden the numbers 4 and 6. Multiplying both you 4 * 6 = 24.

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